The Benefits of Using Our Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Accurate Results:

A dog’s sense of smell is magnitudes better than that of a human. Depending on the breed their sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times as acute as ours. Their whole world revolves around their sense of smell. This amazing sense of smell makes canines the new experts in bed bug detection. Our K9 Inspection Teams are the best resource in the battle against bed bugs. They can quickly and efficiently detect the presence of bed bugs and then precisely determine the source.

Detection Speed:

A canine’s quick and efficient detection of the areas that contain bed bugs speeds up the process of treatment – a critical part of the process. Quicker detection will get you back to business as soon as possible and will lead to lower treatment costs. Substantial savings are possible for bigger properties including hotels, commercial buildings and schools.


Canines have a long history of working with law enforcement agencies because of their nose – the most valuable tool they have. All levels of government and law enforcement agencies use dogs for search and rescue, drug sniffing, bomb detection and much more for this very reason. Our specially trained bed bug detection dogs are already doing their part in the fight against bed bugs.

Peace of Mind:

Our constant training keeps our canine detection teams up to date on the latest cutting edge of treatment techniques. We have access to the most effective pest control science and our dogs are constantly training to find bed bugs. If a trained bed bug dog alerts to the presence of bed bugs there is over a 95% chance that further investigation is needed. If they don’t alert to the presence of bed bugs you can relax with the knowledge that your property or place of business is bed bug free.

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