How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bugs do not actually cling to people but can make their way into our belongings (i.e.. purses, laptop bags, suitcase and carry on items). Once they are in these items they are easily transported around the world and into businesses, hotels and homes, spreading quickly in these new locations. People used to think that you could only find bed bugs in unsanitary places, but this not true; bed bugs can be found in even the cleanest environments.

Once established, bed bugs tend to stay within a 5 meter distance of the bed, but can spread for many reasons including:

  • Food shortages – if bed bugs cannot find a host they may move to neighbouring rooms
  • Lack of hiding spaces – this can also lead them to migrate to nearby rooms
  • Movement of infested furniture – if infested furniture is moved without the proper precautions bed bugs can dislodge and then move to the nearest rooms
  • Disturbing them – disassembling furniture or the incorrect use of pesticides can also cause bed bugs to move to neighbouring areas

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