K9 Bed Bug Detection Programs

Pre-Scheduled Detection Programs

Being proactive and always watching is the most efficient method in the battle with bed bugs. On a pre-determined schedule (weekly, monthly or quarterly) we can search your property for evidence of live bed bugs. We will note any areas of activity and tenants can be notified about upcoming treatments.

On Demand Confirmation and Inspections

Our dogs are much faster than technicians as well as more accurate so it is an excellent on demand option.

Detection and On Demand Treatment

In a situation that requires an immediate response and extermination we will deploy the K9 Team along with a trained and licensed pest control technician. If the K9 alerts on the technician will take the area out of service and start treatment. A second visit may be required base don’t he treatment and the level of infestation.

Preventative Treatment and Detection

This program is designed to provide long term reassurance and a proactive approach. We will inspect your facility with the K9 bed bug dog inspection team to confirm the presence of bed bugs. If an alert happens we recommend preparing the area for treatment. Any areas that not create an alert should have preventative pest treatments. Chemical and non-chemical treatments are available.

Other Applications

Bed bug dogs can be used in many creative ways – detecting bugs in taxis, trains, airplanes, hotels, manufacturing plants and many more places. Before we recommend a program we usually require a tour of most properties.

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